Shelley We Dance? (Yeah, I Went There…)

Funny how things come together, you know?

For example, I’ve been reading the Immortal Descendants books by April White… Reading? Immersing myself is more like it. Anyway, as I read the books, I’ve pictured Henry Cavill as Archer Devereaux, the male lead and love interest for the lead character, Saira. Anyway, so I finally make my way over to Pinterest (Yes, I’ve created a page… No, there’s nothing there yet… Yes, I will fill it to overflowing soon), and I check out April’s Pinterest boards for the books, and who was the inspiration for Archer? Yep… Henry Cavill. As I Tweeted earlier, I should be a casting director.

Moving on… So one of the boards included teaser stuff for Book Five of the series, Cheating Death, including a couple of Frankenstein quotes from my girl Mary Shelley. She, of course, was eventually married to the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, and I learned this week that a movie about their romance and life together is in the works, currently filming over in Dublin, and starring Elle Fanning as Mary and Douglas Booth as Percy.

I’ll admit, I found this because Douglas put pictures up on his Twitter feed… Yes, I follow Douglas Booth on Twitter… Anyway, the timing was so great because… (wait for it)…

This Sunday and Monday, 28 February and 29 February, the first book in the Kate Gardener Mystery series, “The Memory of Trees”, will be totally and completely free over on Amazon. Why is this connected? Well, the legendary romance of Percy and Mary Shelley, as well as one of Percy’s poems, play a central role in this book.

The story begins with the discovery of a castrated male in Regent’s Park. Kate Gardener, freshly transplanted from the US to the halls of Forensic Services at Lambeth, becomes part of the investigation on her first day. As the story unfolds, the victim’s connection to the murder of a young woman a decade earlier places a revenge angle on the current case. And when Kate uncovers the connection involving poetry and the Shelleys, it blows the case wide open… with dangerous consequences.

So there you have it… via a long and winding road. 😉

Check out “The Memory of Trees”, available for free this Sunday and Monday, and let me know what you think!

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