Review of “Ice Blue” (Lord and Lady Hetheridge #1) by Emma Jameson


So, there I was early Monday morning, 4:20 AM, finishing up “Ice Blue” by Emma Jameson… I who was going to be woken-up by an eager four-year-old in about three hours with choruses of “Breakfast! Breakfast!”. The last time I completed an entire book was this past spring, and it took me weeks to get through it. Not so “Ice Blue”! A fast-paced read, the lead characters held my attention and interest right from the start, and the crime itself was quite a shocker, to be sure.
Back to the characters… I found them all extremely interesting, well-developed, and very realistic in their behaviors and dialogue. The interactions between Tony (Lord Hetheridge) and Kate (the future Lady Hetheridge) are the awkward dance of attraction right from the start, and listening to these two as they try to figure each other out, and figure out their feelings for each other, was an engaging trip. DS “Paul” Bhar was a trip as well, a funny and endearing partner-in-investigation for Kate… Some of the things he says… honestly!
So, plot… Had some great twisty elements, but not overly complex. This is by no means a negative. You realize right from the get-go that the cases are not the most important part of these books; the relationships are, especially the title characters These books are about Lord and Lady Hetheridge, and I truly look forward to following them through on their way to marriage and beyond.
Overall, I’m giving this a high rating because it was a great time! I spend most of my time writing (articles, screenplays, books) and, with a child around the house as well, rarely have time to read. I like a book that can pull me in, keep me hooked, and pays off in the end, and “Ice Blue” did just that.

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