Review of “Things Liars Say” by Sara Ney

I picked up this little book… jeepers, how did I find it? Okay, this is another one of those books I sometimes find that are so good I can’t remember when I found it, or how… It just has always been, you know what I mean?

I do remember that I read it because of the blurb… The premise for it just sounded so cute and fun and potentially funny that I had to give it a go.

Greyson is a sorority girl desperately planning for the year’s biggest charity event. Her sisters simply won’t stop hounding her about her unattached status, so she decides to get them off her back by making up a boyfriend, Calvin Thompson. But when the fake relationship takes to Twitter, the unthinkable happens… turns out the fake boyfriend is a real guy, a rugby player from a neighboring Ivy League school… and he’s not happy about being dated behind his back. 😉 Oh, and he thinks “Grey” is a guy!

What follows is a story told mostly through text messages and emails. I loved the easy way that these characters came together. When you meet Calvin, he’s so rough in many ways, and yet the friendship that develops with the lovely Grey is so organic and genuine and beautiful, it just warms your heart. I love this kind of story, where two people come together and find something special. The dialogue was pretty racy at times, but Grey gives as good as she gets and the fact that she has a bit of a “dirty mind” ups the ante in this quick read. I also liked that Calvin wasn’t your typical full-of-himself Alpha. He seems genuinely surprised by grey’s growing interest in him and shows himself to be a bit inept at being seen as anything but a bit of an oaf. I guess you could say there’s a Beauty and the Beast kind of vibe to this, and it worked.

I’ve read this story at least five times now, and I most certainly will again. Five glorious stars!


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