Nights In White Satin (Or Perhaps Black Leather, If That Floats your Boat)


Well, “De Profundis” is currently still in review and should be going live on Amazon soon, so in the meantime I decided I’d would post a little something…

Most people that have known me for any length of time, even if it is just casually through Facebook or Twitter, will probably conclude a couple of things about me:

I remember everything… good and bad…

I’m interested in a very diverse array of things… sports, music, film, TV, books (of course), and I’m always interested in learning about new things.

I have a pretty open mind, within reason… I wore that Catholic school girl uniform, it didn’t wear me. 😉

And, if something weird or funny or ridiculous can happen, it will most likely happen to me.

That being said, I have to tell you a story… But before I tell you this story, I must tell you another story…

Picture it… St. Petersburg, Florida… 2001… I had just turned 22 and was living with my mom while she traveled for work. My theater studies had proved frustrating (an understatement) and I was taking time away to figure things out. Mom always worked nights, so I usually was home alone.

The apartment complex we were living in had very thin walls. It wasn’t unusual for the sounds of the amorous couple next door to wake me with the pounding of their headboard on the wall right near my head. And the moaning, of course.

So, one night… well, morning really, ’cause it was nearly 4AM, I was laying in bed listening to the radio, headphones on. It was an oldies station and I was enjoying Moody Blues “Nights in White Satin”. The song concluded, or at least I thought it had, but the music continued on, swelling in a violin crescendo and then dissolving into an eerie, space sounding quiet.

So, I’m listening… and suddenly there’s a male voice talking. I freeze, every bones in my body locking up, every muscle frozen. I’m holding my breath as this deep, melodious voice speaks… And I don’t know where it’s coming from! Now, anyone with any knowledge of this particular Moody Blues song knows that the full length of the track includes the spoken word… But I, raised by my grandparents and more familiar with Lawrence Welk than Led Zeppelin, had no idea that was how it was supposed to end. I was terrified. All I could think of was that somehow the guy next door was talking to me. My mind was frozen… Jesus, what was he saying? Then I realized… It was on the radio! Ugh, I was so relieved… But I still didn’t get that it was part of the song! I started to panic, thinking it was some kind of War of The Worlds scenario, and Oh my God what had he been saying? Was it important?

Then the DJ came on, identifying the song and whatnot… And I proceeded to laugh at myself and my dorkiness…

Fast forward to two nights ago…

I often am awake to all hours, either reading or watching YouTube videos… Music, movie clips, sometimes entire shows or films… I get some of my best writing ideas at night…

I also often check out the videos of authors I’m friends with here on Facebook. Book trailers, chapter reads, music, poetry… I think it’s a great way to get to know you all a little better, to get to know your writing…

So, a couple of nights ago I’m watching and listening to YouTube videos… And I start searching around for author videos. I watched some Cambria Hebert chapter reads and the amazing trailer for #Nerd… After a few twists and turns, I stumbled upon videos made by one of my newest author friends, Elias Raven. I listened to a couple, music and poetry, and then I clicked on one that had a lot of kittens in the preview. Now, even in the brief time I’ve been acquainted with Elias, I know that cats are favorite subject of his… He often post memes with them and such… so I wasn’t surprised at this. I started watching… saw the writing come up on the screen and think, oh, cool, more poems, and then I freeze.


Now I know you’re thinking, “Silly girl,” and yes, I can be rather silly at times, but it was four o’clock in the morning and I’m currently very single and there was a guy suddenly talking in my ears… Okay, you remember those Warner Bros. cartoons when Sylvester the cat would get startled and he’d end up on the ceiling, his nails dug into the plaster?

That was me.

Of course, this all transpired during the course of handful of seconds, and I realized very quickly that it must be Elias’ voice reading his own writing, but Good Lord! Scared. Me. To. Death. LMAO

Anyway… that was my funny story to pass the time until “De Profundis” goes live. And now to relax and recover from the ordeal-by-insanity that is publishing. ‘Night all!


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