So, Yeah… I Used to Write Poems, Too…

It’s been a LONG time since I wrote in poetry… and even when I did, I never showed them to anyone. But… what the hell… I wrote this the other night… I was inspired 😉 Enjoy!

Your words

Tease me

Leading my mind down paths they have never tread

Except in bed

Alone in the dark

The moan of the wind mirroring the moans I would make

If you were here

If you were real


Your words

Taunt me

Daring me to cross lines that God and family erected

Lines my mind crosses daily

Even though fear clutches my heart

Stealing my breath

Do I dare?

Would I dare?


Your words

Torment me

Making me doubt my mind and will

Would I bow?

Would I submit?

Would you like it if I did?


Give me your words

And make love to my mind.


Gabriella Messina © 2016



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