I’m Back!!!!

You missed me, didn’t you? C’mon, you did!

It’s been a while since I posted… I’ve been busy with work and networking and taking care of the more social aspects of life. It’s easy to allow those to fall by the wayside when you’re a working mom, but I’ve had the opportunity to connecting with a lot of people in the past months, building some wonderful friendships that I look forward to enjoying for a long time to come.

So, what’s cracking on the writing front? Well, I’ve started writing a follow-up book to BLOODLINE…  Sequel or second book of the trilogy?  I honestly don’t know right now. I do know this book, which will be titled QUICKSILVER, is a definite… It’s completely outlined, I’ve got the first chapter down, and I’ll be getting the wheels turning on the cover with Deranged Doctor Design very soon. If I’m extremely lucky, I may be able to write fast and get this baby done by the end of the year. Or not… You just never know.

On the Kate Gardener Mysteries front, I’ll be starting in on book three of the series soon, which will be titled, “Acquainted with the Night”. I drew it from a Robert Frost poem which deals with themes of depression and loneliness, but also suggested to me the idea of darkness and night as it pertains to morality and the self. This third book begins with an incident that is very relevant today… police officers gunned down in the line of duty… and it will be based on the third screenplay in the “Yard Work” TV series, titled “Witness”. This one is going to be a fun one to write I think, in part because Sergeant Pierce and his past play a significant role in the story line. We’ll learn a lot about him through the course of this book, for better and for worse. I’m also eager to see where the story takes Kate and Parris Devereux… I’m letting the wind guide me on this one…

What else am I up to? Okay, I have done a couple of book reviews during the past, what, two, three months? I’ll try to get them posted here soon. I still have several that need to be done and I hope I can get to them before the end of the month, in between writing my stuff.

I’m also going to be starting something new soon… During my sojourn on Facebook, I have become acquainted with many, many talented authors, bloggers, and poets… And I’m going to be starting a little feature, perhaps weekly, perhaps more often, that will bring the writings and remarks of some of these authors, bloggers, and poets to you. Some you may know, some you may not, but all of them are most definitely worth knowing. I’ll be showcasing their works, maybe posting an excerpt (if permission is granted), and even reviewing their books.

So there you have it! Now I’m off to approve the updated paperback proofs for “Bloodline” and “The Memory of Trees”… Yes, Kate Gardener is coming to paperback! I’m waiting to hear on the De Profundis proof as well, and hopefully I’ll have a bit of a release event when the paperbacks are released.

Later all! 🙂

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