Game of Thrones Writer Posts Free Fantasy Books on Instafreebie

Author J. M. Sloan has put a world of free fantasy at your fingertips. The former Game of Thrones video game writer is making several of his fantasy books available on Instafreebie, including his upcoming novel “Death Marked”.


Sloan is the author of the Falls of Redemption trilogy, an epic military fantasy series shaped around the warring history and legends of Ancient Greece. The series includes Land of Gods, Retribution Calls, and Tears of Devotion, as well as a prequel titled Blades of Gresva. Blades of Gresva is currently available on Instafreebie, as is Falls of Redemption: Episode One and other stories. Falls of Redemption includes the first installment of the trilogy, plus some stories exclusive to Instafreebie.

Blades of Gresva


Falls of Redemption



In addition to getting a taste of Sloan’s military fantasy saga, you can also check out a sneak peek at his latest work, Death Marked. Death Marked is the first book in the urban fantasy Modern Necromancy series. Rohan Evans’s world was turned upside down when he lost his fiancé, Senna, in a tragic accident. He misses her so desperately that he’s resorted to the dark arts to bring her back.  It’s a fast-paced chase around the world that will keep you on the edge of your seat and fear the dead.

Death Marked


Right now, you can a sneak peek of Death Marked on Instafreebie right now, and coming soon the book will be available exclusively in it’s entirety for a full month before being available on Amazon.

Military fantasy and urban fantasy for free? What could be better? Head on over to Instafreebie and discover J.M. Sloan’s works today!

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