I’m Back…

It’s been a while, folks… Lots has happened since I last posted here, good and bad… I’ve been furiously working on the sequel to BLOODLINE and I’m approaching the end of it… About 6 chapters/ roughly 10,000 words to go, which seems like a lot but really it’s not. I had been hoping to have it completed and already published by now, but life has a wicked sense of humor and I lost a major chunk of writing time during the holiday season. It’s on the horizon, though… If I had to pick a date it would be out by, I’ll say March 15th, but honestly that is in no way set in stone. I hate the stumbling of publishing dates like this, but I want the book I give you all to be good, to be worthy of you, and to be worthy of my characters and myself… and sometimes the goodness takes a little longer than you hoped.

Good news, though… tomorrow, Friday the 24th of February, I’m revealing the cover for book two in the Bloodline Series — QUICKSILVER… I’m holding the event in the Book Born group on Facebook (I’ll post the link below)… It starts at 9PM EST and will feature several awesome authors of shifter books, all leading up to the cover reveal at 11:30PM EST. If you’re interested in attending, check out the Quicksilver Cover Reveal Event on Facebook. (Here’s the link… wouldn’t let me hyperlink for some reason… https://www.facebook.com/events/237827886626063/)

Once the cover has debuted, the countdown to publication will begin (sort of lol) Like I said, I’m not setting an exact date… Next week will be solely dedicated to writing, and my hope is that these days will be enough to wrap it up. Thanks for your patience every one, and for sticking with me through… everything… Time to shake it off and make things happen!

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