back-cover-teaser“Our strength is in our blood… And we are not alone… We are never alone…”

Six months ago, Sam Karolyi’s life changed forever. Infected with Lycanthropic Virus, she suffered through the horrific changes to her body, as well as the loss of her beloved grandfather, Ivan.

Sam Karolyi has faced her enemies, and her fate… and lived. But now a new threat looms…

A botched terror attack sets the city on-edge, and Sam is once again dodging bullets and sharp teeth as she tracks the spread of an insidious new drug throughout the city. Where the drug goes, the virus follows… and so does Vincent Kremer, a werewolf hunter who is bound to protect her.

Meanwhile, Sam’s body begins to enter a new phase, one defined by hormones and a primal drive… A drive that will deepen and strengthen her connection with Vincent…

But Vincent Kremer is not all that he seems…



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