Coming Soon… and Stuff :)

It’s late, but I’m here. This week’s blog will be a brief one, because I’m knee-deep in planning for the upcoming Live Writes at the Bistro… Coming in September, my Facebook group, The Writers’ Bistro, will be sponsoring biweekly Live Writes! We’re going to be changing things up, trying some different styles of prompts and such, and hopefully these fresh approaches will be fun and yield some great writing. The first write is scheduled for September 20th, and I’ve already got a great, and unusual, plan for how we’ll be doing things… You won’t want to miss it!


So Friday Favorites this week featured bands we forgot we liked… My band this week was Depeche Mode. I’d completely forgotten how much I like them until I happened to hear Strangelove on YouTube and, well, remembered. I even have the Violater album, but… well, you just can’t remember everything, can you? (Unless you’re Kate Gardener, of course.)

Okay, keeping it short this week, as I said. next week, I promise to be long-winded and fascinating LOL Have a great week everyone!!! Mwah!!! ❤

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