Thoughts for a Sunday… If you’re an author, or author supporter, read on…

For Authors, and the Friends and Fans who support them:

Writing, being a writer, isn’t easy. We live in a world caught between fantasy and reality, and we have to live and function fully in both. It’s hectic… It’s complex… It’s frustrating… It’s exhilarating… We all understand that.

As writers working in social media environments, we are often confronted with a lot of negative behavior. Every day, we see fellow authors and their supporters responding to antagonism, retaliating against perceived wrongs, and doing so on a personal level with further gossip, vitriol-filled posts, banning and blocking others… And, in most, if not all cases, it is based upon hearsay and circumstantial evidence interpreted by others whose motives are, at best, questionable. Personally, it can be very satisfying to lash out and make split-second decisions, but on a professional level it is damaging.


Simply put, it is this: As authors, our professional and personal pages are a part of our business. We are our business, and our pages serve us. We use social media to network with others, to connect with peers and fans, to boost our brand and expand our business profile beyond the platform we are on.

When we allow people outside of our business to control what is posted, who we are connected to, and how we function publicly in the medium, we are allowing them control over our business. We are allowing them to control US.

As long as we permit individuals to manipulate us by influencing who we are friends with, what is posted on our pages, and how we conduct ourselves, then they will be the ones running our business. They will get to bask in the chaos they have wrought, while we run damage control, try to repair connections with peers, all the while not getting our product produced.

This is the goal… this is what that type of person wants… Chaos, disruption, attention away from something they resent… It’s what they live for psychologically… So, what do you do? The same thing psychologists do… Do not engage. Smile (virtually) and walk away. Continue with business as usual. Will they stop? Maybe, maybe not. What’s important is maintaining your business, and fostering those professional and personal connections.

There’s far too much control of our careers by people who frankly have nothing better to do than cause trouble. As authors, it’s time for us to fight off the hostile takeovers, and get back to business as usual.


One thought on “Thoughts for a Sunday… If you’re an author, or author supporter, read on…

  1. I’ve gotten lucky all these years and avoided pretty much all social drama. I had some back on mySpace (2007? LOL!) and learned from the mistakes there what not to engage in – what kind of groups to stay away from, what kind of comments to keep to myself, etc – and that has gone a long, long way towards avoiding it all. I almost got dragged into some drama between two people earlier this year (I think you know who and what) but finally just told them both “I am almost 40. I am not playing ‘you-can’t-talk-to-so-and-so’ games.”


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