Gaby’s Books & Muchness – Weekly Update – Vol. 4_01282018

Greetings and salutations all! It’s time for another weekly update!

Still writing along on The Cold Ones, and I designed a lovely piece of swag for it that should be coming in the mail soon… I’ll share pictures when they arrive. Well, only if they arrive after the cover reveal. I’m not planning a big shindig for the cover reveal, but I will likely have a little quiet gathering of some kind… In any case, you guys will get first peek when it’s time, and I’ll give you plenty of heads-up for it.

In other writing news, my beta for Wolfborn has finished reading it and given it two enthusiastic thumbs-up. So, the editing will begin very soon, and hopefully I can get The Cold Ones finished up here soon, and passed on to her as well. As most of you probably already know, I edit my own stuff. Yeah, yeah, I know, that makes the hair stand up on a lot of people’s necks, but I’ll be frank here… I’ve had occasion to read quite a variety of books, the majority of which were edited by other people, sometimes teams of other people, and, by and large, I haven’t found the result to be any cleaner than any of mine… I do a good job… Perfect? No, I’m sure if you read them, looking for flaws, you’d probably find some. *winks, shrugs* I write well, and I’m a perfectionist when it comes to it, and it shows.

Anywho, what else? Oh, if you aren’t currently following the Terrible Turtle Conspiracy comics, you need to start… I’m currently guesting as myself, and the current storyline is one I collaborated on with writer Jonathan Harvey… things are going to get interesting, and you never know who might show up in these pages, so start following it now!

Live Writes at the Bistro has been set up for February 7th… We have a great line-up, including some new-to-us writers… I love it when newbies drop by! Live Writes is open to any writer, published or not, who wants to come and hang and have fun. If you’re interested in writing, shoot me a PM… Our March event will be here before you know it… and mark it on your calendars, February 7th, 8PM EST.

Hmmm… what else… Oh yes! Next Saturday, February 3rd, I’ll be Live Writing with Riley Bryant at the Coffeehouse Poets Live Write. We go on at 7PM, starting out a night of fabulous live writes, so come early, and be prepared to stay late and enjoy the wonderful word weaving.

Alrighty, I think that’s it for this week. Keep your eyes peeled for new teasers and snippets this Teaser Tuesday, and fresh Wolfborn news this Wednesday. Have a great week everyone! Peace & Love & Muchness!


Gaby’s Books & Muchness – Weekly Update Vol.3_01212018

Good evening everyone! A little late getting the weekly update out this week because, well, I took the day off… (gasp) Shocking, I know, but my little guy and I needed some quality time watching astronomy shows and monster trucks, and I said, hey, that’s why I do this, you know? So, we rested, and watched, and built with Legos. Now, he’s sleeping peacefully, and I can sit down and bring you up to speed.

The Cold Ones is coming along nicely… really nicely… I have a great feeling about this story. I’m nearly 21,000 words in, and it’s shaping up to have some great action, humor and heart. Plus, a gorgeous cover designed by R. L. Weeks… I’m planning to reveal the cover next month, once I’ve finished the book… I hope I can contain myself until then, because it’s really so amazing I just want to plaster my wall with it.

This week, I’ve been working on the blurb for Wolfborn. I hate writing blurbs… Well, I hate getting started writing blurbs. It’s like, if I can hit that something, that spark, it almost writes itself… but finding that can take what feels like forever. For me, it’s often a quote from the story that guides me, and stimulates the flow of words… but I didn’t have one. I wrote Wolfborn so much faster than I ever have before, and I just didn’t look for it like I should have. So, I sat yesterday, trying to think back over the story, which I haven’t returned to for editing yet, and think of what would work, what would suggest the whole thing, but not give it away. Finally, I found it… and the blurb is done. The 30-word blurb, too. The synopsis remains, but I have plenty of time to get that tied up and sent off to the cover designers. Deranged Doctor Design will be doing this last cover for the trilogy, and I’m so excited to see what cover three will be. I’ll be getting the first draft at the end of February… Yay!

Live Writes at the Bistro will be returning on February 7th. Several new writers will be joining us this time around, and we can’t wait to have them come play with us. We’re always looking for new writers and poets who want to come and join the fun. Feel free to message me if you’re interested and I can tell you more. And make plans to come and watch the writes, too… they start at 8PM EST, and you never know what kind of shenanigans will ensue.

Upcoming events this week… I’ll be doing a Rapid Fire Takeover on the 24th, this Wednesday. I’ll be posting the event link. These are fast, fast, fast, so you want to be there at 8PM EST, ready to enjoy the posts and join in the fun.

That’s it for this week. Remember, Tuesday will bring more teasers and writing goodies that you can only see right here, and Wednesday is Wolfborn Wednesday, so look for snippets, pictures, and trivia. Have a great week everyone, and see you right here next Sunday for Weekly Update. ‘Night!!!



Gaby’s Books & Muchness Weekly Update – Volume 2_01142018

Here we are again… the second installment of my Weekly Update… These Weekly Updates will soon be posted on my website blog as well, so if you missed anything along the way, be sure to check it out.

This week brought some excitement… I participated in the first official Rapid Fire Takeovers. I am a partner author with SLP, run by the fabulous Sophie Lynn, and Rapid Fire is her brainchild. I had a little experience with them in Christmas, as we all jumped in for a round at the Christmas Party. I have to tell you, it is my favorite way to have a takeover… It’s fast, and furious, and friendlier than any other style of takeover I’ve done. We will be having one in here in the realm of Muchness on February 15th… Our guests will be Aleisha Maree and Elias Raven, and it will be at 10PM EST, so be sure to save the date, and invite friends and fans to join the group so they can be a part of it.
In other news, I did a wonderful Live Write last night with the fabulous Mitch Workman… I love doing Live Writes, it’s one of my favorite things in the world. I love the spontaneity, discovering something new and different in a picture or subject… And I love what it does for your writing. If you’re a writer of any kind, I encourage you to do at least one… You’ll find your entire process changes in so many ways… It’s easier to focus when you try to meet a daily word count, easier to write clearly, and with fewer errors… It’s like a writing workout. LOL
Speaking of Live Writing, the next Live Writes at the Bistro event will be February 7th, starting at 8PM EST, and we are actively looking for writers… I have one possible, but if you’re available and want to write, let me know and I’ll hook you up with a partner, or you can bring your own.
In book news, I’m officially halfway through my goal word count for the month on this new book. I’m planning for it to be a novella-length story, though who knows? I’ve put up a couple of snippets and teasers here and there, and this Tuesday another teaser will debut… possibly even two teasers. It’s a completely new thing for me, writing this type of fantasy, but I’m really happy with how it’s shaping up, and I think it’s going to be spectacular. I should be getting the glorious cover soon, courtesy of the talented R. L. Weeks, and when I do I’ll start planning a cover reveal… nothing big, but I’ll want everybody to see it and find out what I’m writing.
Wolfborn will be going into editing soon. I’m planning for a birthday release again, which means March 30th. My current WIP is going to come out in March, too, by Saint Patrick’s Day. Busy, busy, busy!!! After I finish up with this one, I’m going to start in on the next two Kate Gardener Mysteries, with projected publishing dates of May and June. I’ve already got covers started for them, and the cover for book #6 is… well, let’s just say that when this one comes out I’m going to have a special initial printing (limited) with the original cover before I revise it and release it for distribution. I’ve seen racier covers, but I don’t want to get picked on by the censors out there. Anyway, when the time approaches, I’ll let everyone know so that if you want to get the original cover in paperback, you’ll be able to get it before they disappear… But that’s a few months from now. Anywho, so, yeah, I’ll be starting those, AND working on a couple of other projects, too. Whew!
What else? Hmm… I think that’s just about it. Oh, I’m taking one final look at the proofs for the first four KGM books, and I’ll be ordering them probably next week, so now’s a good time to place your order if you want paperback copies of the mysteries.
And that is the update for this week… Don’t forget to stop in Tuesday for teasers and goodies! Have a great week everyone! Peace and Love and Muchness!



Gaby’s Books & Muchness Weekly Update – Volume 1_01072018

Welcome everyone to the first edition of Weekly Update… So, cards on the table, I am TERRIBLE at keeping up with blogs and journals and whatnot. If I have to have a regular post, I blank out, because unless there’s something issue-y to write about, or a book coming out, or something, I don’t know what to talk about. This sort of weekly bulletin type thingy, though… This I think I can handle… So Weekly Update will be a mixture of writing news, commentary, and other thoughts that will give you a glimpse of what’s going on with me, what’s coming up, and what’s doing in the group.

This week the group launched, and I was so excited to see so many names ready to join up. I feel blessed to have you all here, and I hope I can make this group a special place for you to hang out and talk books and muchness. Why the name, you may be wondering? Well, Books is a no-brainer… obviously, I’m a writer and reader, so talking about my work, as well as works in the same genres, is to be expected and celebrated. Muchness? That sort of sums up…me. Part of how we market ourselves as writers and creatives, heck, as human beings, comes down to our personalities. If I could sum up my personality with a word, it would be muchness. Some days I have more than others, but generally speaking I’m weird and wise and a bit wacky at times… so, muchness, LOL

Book News!… The Kate Gardener Mysteries no includes four books, and they are available on multiple platforms through D2D publishing. You can still find them at Amazon, but I’m not entirely sure, with all the funny business that’s been going on, if I’m going to keep them there a whole lot longer.

The Bloodline series (urban fantasy) will also be going wide soon, probably before book three comes out in March. Yep, you heard that right, book three, WOLFBORN, will be released in March. I’m aiming for a birthday release again, because why not? And I’m sure there will be heaps of activity before then leading up to it. This is the last in the trilogy, so it’s a pretty big deal.

I’m going to be doing a lot of writing this year… my schedule (yeah, I said the s-word) is packed with books to be written, and they run the gamut from mysteries to fantasy to noir. Right now, I’m working on a completely original fantasy… not sure if it’s historical fantasy, or dark fantasy, or maybe both, but I will say this… planned release is in March by Saint Patrick’s Day, the cover is already purchased, and I’ll likely do the reveal by Valentine’s Day next month, and this is going to be super cool! I can’t say as I’ve ever seen this kind of story before, so I hope it will find its audience.

I also plan to release another four Kate Gardener books this coming year, along with developing the fragments of a film noir I was writing in script form into a book (think L.A. Confidential, but in early 50s Florida).

In other non-book news, the Live Writes at the Bistro are continuing to increase in their popularity, and I can thank you all enough for that. It’s keeping pace with the best Live Writes out there, and I hope that this year will increase our audience, and that more and more fabulous writers will come to play with us. Live Writes are such a great opportunity to “audition” for a perspective audience, a chance for authors to really showcase their writing ability and personality to the masses.

I’m always full of ideas, too, and a few of them are churning in my head as I explore the possibilities and work out whether they are potentially doable. There are three pathways of connections that are vitally important for authors: One, between authors and their fans, who buy their books and increase their visibility through formal and informal promotion; Two, between fellow authors, who use those connections to network and learn, absorbing knowledge and forming partnerships and alliance that are strategically made for both mutual support and to advance careers; and Third, those formed between the author and individuals who can help them slingshot forward, like getting that boost of energy in a video game. There are a lot of avenues here that focus on the first two… not so much on the third, and I think there might be a way to change that. As many of us find ourselves challenged by the constraints that platforms are putting on us and our work, the ability to slingshot ahead, to reach the people who can put us on those lists, get us those contracts, et cetera, becomes even more important.

So, yeah, busy times ahead, and I hope you guys all stick with me and see what happens along the way.

Upcoming events: I’ll be doing a Live Write next Saturday with the fantastic Mitch Workman… first time writing with him… I love writing with new people. Anyway, next Saturday, Grindhouse Live Writes, 7PM EST

Alright, ladies and genklefins, I believe that is all for this week’s update. Tune in next week for more news and such… Laters ❤