Gaby’s Books & Muchness Weekly Update – Volume 1_01072018

Welcome everyone to the first edition of Weekly Update… So, cards on the table, I am TERRIBLE at keeping up with blogs and journals and whatnot. If I have to have a regular post, I blank out, because unless there’s something issue-y to write about, or a book coming out, or something, I don’t know what to talk about. This sort of weekly bulletin type thingy, though… This I think I can handle… So Weekly Update will be a mixture of writing news, commentary, and other thoughts that will give you a glimpse of what’s going on with me, what’s coming up, and what’s doing in the group.

This week the group launched, and I was so excited to see so many names ready to join up. I feel blessed to have you all here, and I hope I can make this group a special place for you to hang out and talk books and muchness. Why the name, you may be wondering? Well, Books is a no-brainer… obviously, I’m a writer and reader, so talking about my work, as well as works in the same genres, is to be expected and celebrated. Muchness? That sort of sums up…me. Part of how we market ourselves as writers and creatives, heck, as human beings, comes down to our personalities. If I could sum up my personality with a word, it would be muchness. Some days I have more than others, but generally speaking I’m weird and wise and a bit wacky at times… so, muchness, LOL

Book News!… The Kate Gardener Mysteries no includes four books, and they are available on multiple platforms through D2D publishing. You can still find them at Amazon, but I’m not entirely sure, with all the funny business that’s been going on, if I’m going to keep them there a whole lot longer.

The Bloodline series (urban fantasy) will also be going wide soon, probably before book three comes out in March. Yep, you heard that right, book three, WOLFBORN, will be released in March. I’m aiming for a birthday release again, because why not? And I’m sure there will be heaps of activity before then leading up to it. This is the last in the trilogy, so it’s a pretty big deal.

I’m going to be doing a lot of writing this year… my schedule (yeah, I said the s-word) is packed with books to be written, and they run the gamut from mysteries to fantasy to noir. Right now, I’m working on a completely original fantasy… not sure if it’s historical fantasy, or dark fantasy, or maybe both, but I will say this… planned release is in March by Saint Patrick’s Day, the cover is already purchased, and I’ll likely do the reveal by Valentine’s Day next month, and this is going to be super cool! I can’t say as I’ve ever seen this kind of story before, so I hope it will find its audience.

I also plan to release another four Kate Gardener books this coming year, along with developing the fragments of a film noir I was writing in script form into a book (think L.A. Confidential, but in early 50s Florida).

In other non-book news, the Live Writes at the Bistro are continuing to increase in their popularity, and I can thank you all enough for that. It’s keeping pace with the best Live Writes out there, and I hope that this year will increase our audience, and that more and more fabulous writers will come to play with us. Live Writes are such a great opportunity to “audition” for a perspective audience, a chance for authors to really showcase their writing ability and personality to the masses.

I’m always full of ideas, too, and a few of them are churning in my head as I explore the possibilities and work out whether they are potentially doable. There are three pathways of connections that are vitally important for authors: One, between authors and their fans, who buy their books and increase their visibility through formal and informal promotion; Two, between fellow authors, who use those connections to network and learn, absorbing knowledge and forming partnerships and alliance that are strategically made for both mutual support and to advance careers; and Third, those formed between the author and individuals who can help them slingshot forward, like getting that boost of energy in a video game. There are a lot of avenues here that focus on the first two… not so much on the third, and I think there might be a way to change that. As many of us find ourselves challenged by the constraints that platforms are putting on us and our work, the ability to slingshot ahead, to reach the people who can put us on those lists, get us those contracts, et cetera, becomes even more important.

So, yeah, busy times ahead, and I hope you guys all stick with me and see what happens along the way.

Upcoming events: I’ll be doing a Live Write next Saturday with the fantastic Mitch Workman… first time writing with him… I love writing with new people. Anyway, next Saturday, Grindhouse Live Writes, 7PM EST

Alright, ladies and genklefins, I believe that is all for this week’s update. Tune in next week for more news and such… Laters ❤


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