Gaby’s Books & Muchness Weekly Update – Volume 2_01142018

Here we are again… the second installment of my Weekly Update… These Weekly Updates will soon be posted on my website blog as well, so if you missed anything along the way, be sure to check it out.

This week brought some excitement… I participated in the first official Rapid Fire Takeovers. I am a partner author with SLP, run by the fabulous Sophie Lynn, and Rapid Fire is her brainchild. I had a little experience with them in Christmas, as we all jumped in for a round at the Christmas Party. I have to tell you, it is my favorite way to have a takeover… It’s fast, and furious, and friendlier than any other style of takeover I’ve done. We will be having one in here in the realm of Muchness on February 15th… Our guests will be Aleisha Maree and Elias Raven, and it will be at 10PM EST, so be sure to save the date, and invite friends and fans to join the group so they can be a part of it.
In other news, I did a wonderful Live Write last night with the fabulous Mitch Workman… I love doing Live Writes, it’s one of my favorite things in the world. I love the spontaneity, discovering something new and different in a picture or subject… And I love what it does for your writing. If you’re a writer of any kind, I encourage you to do at least one… You’ll find your entire process changes in so many ways… It’s easier to focus when you try to meet a daily word count, easier to write clearly, and with fewer errors… It’s like a writing workout. LOL
Speaking of Live Writing, the next Live Writes at the Bistro event will be February 7th, starting at 8PM EST, and we are actively looking for writers… I have one possible, but if you’re available and want to write, let me know and I’ll hook you up with a partner, or you can bring your own.
In book news, I’m officially halfway through my goal word count for the month on this new book. I’m planning for it to be a novella-length story, though who knows? I’ve put up a couple of snippets and teasers here and there, and this Tuesday another teaser will debut… possibly even two teasers. It’s a completely new thing for me, writing this type of fantasy, but I’m really happy with how it’s shaping up, and I think it’s going to be spectacular. I should be getting the glorious cover soon, courtesy of the talented R. L. Weeks, and when I do I’ll start planning a cover reveal… nothing big, but I’ll want everybody to see it and find out what I’m writing.
Wolfborn will be going into editing soon. I’m planning for a birthday release again, which means March 30th. My current WIP is going to come out in March, too, by Saint Patrick’s Day. Busy, busy, busy!!! After I finish up with this one, I’m going to start in on the next two Kate Gardener Mysteries, with projected publishing dates of May and June. I’ve already got covers started for them, and the cover for book #6 is… well, let’s just say that when this one comes out I’m going to have a special initial printing (limited) with the original cover before I revise it and release it for distribution. I’ve seen racier covers, but I don’t want to get picked on by the censors out there. Anyway, when the time approaches, I’ll let everyone know so that if you want to get the original cover in paperback, you’ll be able to get it before they disappear… But that’s a few months from now. Anywho, so, yeah, I’ll be starting those, AND working on a couple of other projects, too. Whew!
What else? Hmm… I think that’s just about it. Oh, I’m taking one final look at the proofs for the first four KGM books, and I’ll be ordering them probably next week, so now’s a good time to place your order if you want paperback copies of the mysteries.
And that is the update for this week… Don’t forget to stop in Tuesday for teasers and goodies! Have a great week everyone! Peace and Love and Muchness!



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