Gaby’s Books & Muchness: Weekly Update-Vol. 5_02042018

Good evening, friends! Welcome to another edition of weekly update!

So, this week we hosted the very first Rapid Fire Takeover here in the group. Partner Authors and friends Savannah Morgan and Kasey Hill came to play with us, and it was an amazing hour! If you missed it, well, you didn’t miss it, because the posts are all still there, so go check them out, and meet these amazing authors. I will be heading to Savi’s group this week for a Rapid Fire, so now’s a great time to head over and join her group so you’re ready. I need to double check the day and time, so I’ll post it as soon as I know for sure. And we’ll be hosting here again on the 15th, when Aleisha Maree and Elias Raven will be coming to play.

In writing news, The Cold Ones is coming along, and it’s going to be a bit longer than I expected… like 10,000-15,000 words longer LOL I’m setting February 15th as my draft deadline, and I’m confident I’m going to meet it. Then it’s on to editing Wolfborn. The cover design process has started, and I’m looking forward to seeing that first draft for Wolfborn at the end of the month. Oh, and speaking of covers, I’m going to be revealing the cover for The Cold Ones on Saturday, February 10th… To be honest, I haven’t decided how I’m doing it, but I’m leaning toward a little quiet reveal right in here, and then putting it up for the public right after… Stay tuned!

Wednesday is the February edition of Live Writes at the Bistro. We have a bunch of fabulous writers joining us this time, many first-timers to the event, so I hope everyone can come, enjoy the stories and lend their support. As always, share and invite as many as you can when you see the event!

That’s it for this edition of Weekly Update… See you all back here next week!



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