Gaby’s Books & Muchness_Weekly Update – Vol. 6_02112018

Hello all!!! Hope this finds you all well!!! Yep, it’s another edition of Weekly Update!!!

So, yesterday was the cover reveal for my next book, The Cold Ones. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, look through the posts and give it some love. It truly is spectacular!!! Designed by Rebecca Weeks/ Dark Wish Designs… I can’t wait to see it in print!!!

Thursday we’re doing it Rapid Fire style here in the Land of Books and Muchness… February 15th, 10-11 PM EST, we will be hosting another Rapid Fire Takeover, with our special guests Aleisha Maree and Elias Raven. I’ll be getting the post up for it, so it can be shared via my author page, as well as the link for the group. It’s ripe to be a fun night with these two, so you don’t want to miss it!

In writing news, I’m wrapping up The Cold Ones, and I’m starting outlines on the next two Kate Gardener Mysteries. That has been an interesting process because, unlike the previous four books in the series, I’m starting from scratch almost completely… I have a couple of outlines that I’m merging for the 5th book, but the 6th is going to be completely from scratch… It will be an interesting experience, writing step by step with these characters. I had to do it for Quicksilver and Wolfborn, which were also “from scratch” books, and they turned out better than I hoped, so I’m looking forward to what comes from this.

And, so my friends, that is it for tonight. I know, it was a quiet update, but I promise between now and April there will be lots more to update and enjoy… Things are going to start hopping soon!!! Have a wonderful night, and make tomorrow the Muchiest Monday Ever!!! ❤

Game of Sacred Geometry



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