Gaby’s Books & Muchness_Weekly Update- Volume 7_02182018

Good evening my peeps! Welcome to another edition of Weekly Update. How was your week? Mine was busy, busy, busy!

Wednesday the group hosted another Rapid Fire Takeover Event, and it was off the chain! Guest authors Aleisha Maree and Elias Raven brought their best, and we had a great time. I urge you to scroll back and take a look at their posts and books, and get to know these stellar authors. The next RFTOs in the group will be in March, but I will be a guest in one this coming Saturday… more on that later…

So, March is indeed fast approaching, and with it will come not one, but two releases for me. Both books are completed, and in the editing phase. The Cold Ones is scheduled to be released on March 13th, just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day, and I’ll be getting with my publicist to come up with some super ways to promote it. Wolfborn will follow later in the month… I’m aiming for a release on my birthday, just like Quicksilver’s debut last year. I’ll be getting the cover and goodies this week… I’ve already seen the cover and it’s amazing, of course, and designed by the same firm that did the first two, Deranged Doctor Design. I have to say, the three standing side-by-side look so good! Can’t wait for that release, and they’ll be plenty of sharing and promoting going on with that, too.

Also, I just finished a reformat to the interiors of Bloodline and Quicksilver. What does this mean for people who already have them? Not much, really, unless you have paperbacks, and in that case your copies may be worth more someday because you have the original printings. The e-books of the entire trilogy will be available in wide distribution by the end of March, and paperbacks featuring the new interiors design will be available as soon as I figure out this PDF thing LOL… *sighs* Good news is, I won’t have to do this kind of interior change again because I’m using the D2D interiors from now on… Nothing wrong with the old ones, per se, but I just wanted everybody to look good and fresh and matching when they all stood together… so… yeah…

Okay, moving on… as mentioned above, I have a RFTO takeover this coming Saturday, February 24th, at 8PM EST, in Sharon Johnson’s Reader Group… I’ll be joining hostess Sharon Johnson and fellow guest Sandra Ramblin Neeley, and it’s going to be a fabulous night.

I’m currently finalizing the lineup for the next Live Writes at the Bistro event… as soon as I confirm my authors, I’ll be setting up the event and letting you all know who’s coming to write. Starting this April, we’re going to be adding an extra hour to the Live Writes at the Bistro, making the event once monthly from 7PM-11PM… There’s been such wonderful response to the event, and so many authors interested, both returning and new, that we decided to add an extra hour, and space for two more authors, per event, was the best way to go. There’s going to be some special writes coming up as well, so make sure you are on board here, so you can keep up and be in the know 😉

This coming week, it may be a bit quiet here… Currently, I’m plotting the next two Kate Gardener Mysteries, as well as a short urban fantasy story for the Shadow League anthology… I’m also editing two of my own books, and editing someone else’s book… Hopefully, by the end of this week, I will have Wolfborn cover materials available to begin making teasers, and can get some new goodies together for The Cold Ones as well… Also, if you haven’t already joined the SLP Partners and Followers, go join… I’ll be one of the featured posters each Thursday, so exclusive info and teasers and goodies may be showing up there before here, depending on timing.

Please feel free and encouraged to share this group whenever, wherever… we are creeping closer to 100 members already… Isn’t that amazing!? When we hit 100, I’m planning to hold a giveaway, and we don’t have far to go!

Okay, I’ve jabber on long enough… Thanks for tuning in, and, until next week, I wish you all Peace & Love & Muchness!


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