Gaby’s Books & Muchness – Weekly Update – Volume 10_03182018

Hello, hello everyone! Welcome back to Gaby’s Books & Muchness, and another edition of Weekly Update. It was one heck of a busy week for me, with events of one sort or another almost every day. I’m telling ya, I’m exhausted Lol

So, events for this week… Tonight, at 8PM EDT, I’ll be taking over Amazeballs Book Addicts for half an hour, spotlighting THE COLD ONES. Then on Thursday, March 22nd, I’ll be in a RapidFire takeover. I’ll get all the information for these events, including links, up for you guys as soon as I can.

Now, I have some good news and some news that you may not like… the good news is I’ll be revealing the cover for WOLFBORN on my birthday, March 30th… originally, I was going to release the book on that day, but I don’t want it’s release to be diminished because of just putting a book out, and I don’t want THE COLD ONES to suffer, publicity-wise, with having another book come on the scene so quickly. Yeah, I know I should have anticipated that, but I’m a writing genius, not a marketing one *winks*… So, the cover will be revealed on the 30th, and I’ll be able to tell you then, for sure and certain, when the book is coming out in April. I won’t make you wait too much longer, and it will be worth the wait.

Oh, and in case you’ve missed it, my very own Vincent has been making a cameo in the Terrible Turtle Conspiracy comic, written and drawn by Jonathan Harvey and Joleene Naylor. New panels debut on Friday, and are re-shared on Turtle Tuesdays in Book Born, so be sure to check them out, and catch up with the whole story… I’ve made a couple of cameos myself, and can’t wait to see what shenanigans ensue next.

Okay, that’s the excitement for tonight, ‘cause I’m beat. Lol Until we meet again, here and there, be kind, take care of each other, stand up for those who need it, standby for those who need to stand for themselves, and remember that, as J. Lo sang, “Love don’t cost a thing”… Peace & Love & Muchness to you all!!!

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