Gaby’s Books & Muchness – Weekly Update – Volume 13_04152018

Greetings and salutations, my peeps!!! Hope everyone has had a marvelous week, and weekend!!!

First, big news: The BLOODLINE SERIES is currently ON SALE!!! BLOODLINE is $0.99, QUICKSILVER is $2.99, and the pre-order of WOLFBORN reduced to $2.99!!! So, basically, you can get the entire series for less than $7… Sweet, huh?

I’m about halfway through a new short story that will be debuting in an anthology releasing in June. Together with my fellow Shadow League authors, Amber Naralim and Joleene Naylor, we’ll be release a small anthology of short stories, each connected to the series that we put out. It will include three separate stories featuring characters from the Walking with Monsters series by Amber, and the Amaranthine series by Joleene, and the Bloodline series by yours truly. As soon as we have more details about release date and all that, we will let everybody know.

This coming week, I’m back on the Rapid Fire docket with a TO on Wednesday the 18th, in Nikki Belaire’s group. I’m on at 9PM, so join her group, Nikki’s Naughty Tequilas, if you can and I hope to see you there!

Our study of character archetypes will continue this Wednesday in The Writers’ Bistro with a focus on the CHIEF archetype. We love them in literature, and probably know a few in real life, too… I have to say, that’s one of the best parts of knowing these archetypes… It helps you figure people out a bit, too.

Alrighty, peeps, that’s all for this week… Join me again here for Weekly Update next Sunday… Have a great week, and be kind to each other… Peace, Love, & Muchness to all!!!


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