Gaby’s Books & Muchness_Weekly Update – Volume 14_04222018

 Hello everyone!!! It’s that time again… Weekly Update!!!

Big news this coming week is, of course, the release of WOLFBORN this Tuesday… Can you believe it? Finally! It will be live on all eBook platforms, including Kindle, Kobo, Apple, B&N, and more, plus paperback.

Bistro Wednesdays will continue, well, Wednesday, as will our series on character archetypes. This past week, we covered the first male hero archetype, the CHIEF, and the next installment will focus on the BAD BOY archetype. It’s really fascinating to see what noteworthy characters fit into these, and often very surprising. You can find all the past posts in the series in The Writers Bistro group, .

Currently, I’m working on a few projects. I have the fifth Kate Gardener Mystery all-but-done (just an epilogue left), but I’ve shelved it right now to work on some shorter stories for a few anthologies. One is a small urban fantasy anthology that I’m doing with fellow Shadow League authors, Amber Naralim and Joleene Naylor. My story is going to be a kind of prequel for The Bloodline Series… Ivan’s Story. For those who aren’t familiar with the world of the series, Ivan Karolyi, grandfather of main character Samantha Karolyi, was infected with the Lycanthropic Virus while in the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, and was the only person who survived the transformation (multiple times, in fact). After the camp is liberated, Ivan starts looking for the camp doctor, Mengele, who has disappeared into the underworld as so many Nazis did… His search takes him to Cyprus, where Jews from throughout Europe are awaiting their chance to enter Palestine, to Paris, and finally Rome. The anthology is being planned for a June release, and I’ll keep you guys posted on developments, and any possible events leading up to the release.

I’m also getting ready to start work on another short story, and this one is going to be WAY different than anything I’ve written so far. I’ve had plans for this story for a while, but the subject matter of the anthology has presented a great opportunity to finally bring it to life.

Okay, peeps, that’s it for this week… Tune in next week, same time, same channel, for more news and muchness. Until then, be kind, be loving, and full of muchness!



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