Gaby’s Books & Muchness – Weekly Update – Volume 16_05062018

*to myself* You know, this is the longest I’ve ever maintained any kind of journal-like posting, ever! *realize ya’ll are there* Ahem…


Hey there!!! Welcome back to another thrilling edition of Weekly Update!!!


So, Friday night I stopped by the rocking live show which is BarSide Shenanigans, and chatted with host Sophie Lynn about my books and some of the stuff I’m working on. It was a great interview, I had heaps of fun (although I was a little nervous)… Anyway, if you get a chance check out my interview, and fellow guest Leah Negron.


Writing continues on various projects… I submitted a couple of finished stories this week, and am halfway through the final edit on the Ivan short story for the Creature Feature anthology… Now, I’ve moved on to another story for a bullying/ violence anthology… It’s going to be a short one, 10k-15k or so, and I’m moving along quickly… it’s not the one I had planned on writing, which was a good premise, but it just wasn’t snapping to life for me and I don’t have time to sit and idle, staring at the page, so to speak… So, I shifted gears and picked another idea I had, and it’s tripping along nicely so far.


Last update, I mentioned the new feature I’m going to be starting on Thursdays, the Thursday 3000, in which you guys submit writing prompts and the one with the most votes will be my prompt to write a little story, 3k-word max. I’m hoping to get that started soon, certainly by the end of the month, so start collecting some writing prompts for me… You can find them easily enough through a simple search on Pinterest, or on any search engine really. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.


Events this week… Just one… Thursday I’ll be the guest of the fabulous Steven Evans for a RapidFire takeover 8-9PM EST… Don’t be late!!!


And that concludes this Weekly Update… Until next time, hope everyone has a spectacular week… Peace & Love & Muchness to all!!!


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