Gaby’s Book & Muchness – Weekly Update – Volume 24_07152018


Hello everyone! It’s that time again… Weekly Update!!!

It’s been a quiet week, activity-wise. I’ve spent a lot of my time writing, working on the two mysteries. I had to revise my schedule a little bit to keep myself going, but I’ve reached a total of just over 20k words between the two. I’m still optimistic that I’ll reach my goal to have both done by the end of the month… we shall see…

Events this coming week will be few again… because of my writing goals, I haven’t taken on a lot… However, a few fun things are planned for the end of the week. Thursday is my day in the SLP Partners & Followers group… last Thursday had a “Clueless” movie theme, so you never know what Thursday will bring… Be sure to stop by.

Then Friday night will be the first monthly Party of Partners in the group… all the SLP Partners will be stopping in to hang, show off new goodies, and have fun. Don’t miss it!!!

Finally, on Saturday I’ll be guesting at a RapidFire in the afternoon… 3PM EST, I believe… More on that as the week progresses…

I’ll be getting things set up for the next Live Writes @ the Bistro event soon… We took July off because of the holiday, but we’re coming back in August, and it will be a very special event… stay tuned for more on that as well.

Okay, my WIPs are calling my name… I’ll see you back here next Sunday for more weekly update. Until then, Peace, Love & Muchness to all!!!



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