Gaby’s Books & Muchness – Weekly Update- Volume 35_10282018

Greetings and salutations to all!!! Welcome back to Weekly Update!!!

So BIG NEWS first… After careful reflection and thought, I have decided not to hold a Bistro Live Write in November. I made this decision for one major reason: NaNoWriMo. Firstly, I’m going to be doing it, and I have quite a goal of words and content set to complete, and I really need to focus every spare moment I have on reaching my goals. I’m set to finish Kate Gardener Mysteries #6 (including getting blurb and other goodies ready for promotion), plus I aim to write four short stories in an historical fantasy serial I’m developing… and (very) possibly a KGM Christmas short. I also have another venture, which I’ll fill everyone in on as it develops, and I want to be able to get that ball rolling, too. So, yeah, way busy, and it takes time to set up an event, book authors, create graphics, and promote. And that’s another reason I’m not going to have one this coming month… Because of NaNo, and the approaching Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, it can be really difficult to book authors and pull an audience. Even book releases can be difficult to, well, sell, during the month. So, after running it by a couple of people, I’ve decided not to do it. Bistro Live Writes will be back in December for some holiday fun!

As I said, loads of writing going on… I’m currently finishing up an historical fantasy story that is top secret, hush-hush, say no more *winks*, and hope to meet the deadline I set for myself of October 30th. I only have a wee bit to write, so that goal is in the bag. Then it’s on to the Siege of November, aka NaNo, and the wealth of words required every day… Minimum 2166/ day… probably doesn’t seem like a lot for most writers out there, but for me, to consistently hit that and stay on schedule, will be a challenge… But it’s one I’m ready to meet and conquer!!! So, other than a couple of events I’ve already committed to, and my daily posts and shares, I’ll probably be quite scarce here.

Events this week…

I’ll be swinging by S. Meachen’s THE WARD reader group on Wednesday, Halloween Night, for an hour TO at 7PM EST.


October 29th-October 31st

The ENTIRE Bloodline Series will be FREE on Amazon… Yep, that’s right, FREE. So go grab copies your missing, or the whole thing if you haven’t yet. The whole series is also available through Kindle Unlimited, so if you use it please check it out.


I had the honor of being part of a spectacular anthology, and it just dropped on Friday… Words to Dream By is an adult bedtime story anthology featuring some of the top indie writers in the community. 18 different genres, and all the stories are small enough to read in one sitting, or just before bed, or while relaxing in the bath… Whatever you like!!! It’s available on Amazon and all major book platforms, so check it out and get your copy today.

Aaaaaaand, that’s all folks!!! See you back here next week for another edition of Weekly Update… Hopefully I’ll have some words to share with you as I begin the NaNo journey. Until then, Peace, Love & Muchness to all!!!


Gaby’s Books & Muchness – Weekly Update – Volume 34_10212018

Hello again everyone!!! Welcome back to another edition of Weekly Update!!! Lots going on, so let’s get to it!!!

So last Sunday I released IVAN, a prequel to the Bloodline Series… It’s only $0.99 on Amazon, and is available in Kindle Unlimited as well, so please check it out.

I’ve been super busy the last two weeks, between working on stories I need to finish up and finishing up formatting on a couple of books. One of those books is a spectacular story anthology, WORDS TO DREAM BY… This book is an eclectic mix of story genres and styles by some of the top indie writers in the community. The book is available for pre-order right now for only $3.99, and it’s getting released this Friday, October 26th, so pick up your copy right now!!!

This Thursday, I’ll be Live Writing once again with the fabulous Leah Negron. We produced a great, creepy story this past Thursday, and I believe we’re writing horror in the next, so who know what we’ll come up with. Keep your eyes peeled for the links and event info!!!

Next month is NaNoWriMo, and I’ll be at it again… my best, Jade, and I have challenged each other… 65k words… I think it was 65k… Anyway, it’s a lot, so cheer us on!!! I hope to have FOUR stories done by the end of the month, each 12k-15k, plus wrapping up another story… Whew!!! It’s going to be intense!!!

Also, I’m still figuring out some of the particulars, but I’m going to be offering a few services for writers, including formatting and proofreading, graphics and covers, and blurb consultation/ polishing… Stay tuned!!!

Okay, words to right and things to do… Busy, busy!!! I’ll be back again next week for more weekly update… Until then, Peace, Love & Muchness to you all!!!



Gaby’s Books & Muchness – Weekly Update – Volume 33_10072018

Well, hello everyone! It’s been a couple of weeks since we last chilled here in Weekly Update. Last week, I took to the live feed and chatted in an impromptu sort of way, but this week my fingers are a-typing once more.

Lots happening over the past week or so. Of course, last Sunday was release day for RAZOR’S EDGE. I want to give a special shout out to my super sharers over the past couple of weeks, Marcy and Mitzi… You guys have been absolutely amazing with your encouragement and support, posting and sharing all over the place… I can’t thank you enough, but THANK YOU!!!!

Within the next week or so I’ll be jumping back into Kate’s world to finish the 6th book, NIGHT MOVES. I’m about halfway through the book right now, and haven’t looked at it for a few weeks… Sometimes you just need to clear your head, and I think I have. I’ve also found something rather remarkable and invaluable on an old flash drive. Back when KGM was a spec TV series called “Yard Work”, I had five seasons of episodes sketched out. Well, I thought those bits of information and episode goodness were lost forever, until I checked over these old flash drives and found them. Next problem was I couldn’t open them… they were in WPS (Yeah, they are THAT old LOL)… But I was pointed towards a file conversion site that really did convert it to Word for free, and so now I have my goodies!!! You know, I’ve been so busy with all this other stuff I haven’t even looked through them yet… Must do that tonight.

Anywho… A couple of cool things happening this week. As you’ll see on my Author Page, I’m participating in the Tricks or Treats hop this week. I have a post pinned at the top of my page, and there are scads of brilliant things being given away, including a signed PB copy of THE COLD ONES. There’s also a link to a master list of participants, so make sure you check everyone out and join in.

Also this coming Saturday I’ll be Live Writing with Elias Raven in Savannah Morgan’s fabulous Saviland… It’s worth noting that Saviland and Muchland are neighboring counties in the Land of Coolness… *winks* It will be a night of mischief and mayhem and spookiness, I’m sure.

Saturday is also release day for my little tale from the Bloodline Series, IVAN. This story originally appeared in the Creature Feature anthology, but now it’s out there on its own and only available through Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. You can pre-order it now as well for 99 cents.

I will be ordering paperbacks soon. If you’re interested in copies of any of my books, let me know here. The Bloodline Series is $15 a piece; Kate Gardener Mysteries are $10 a piece; and THE COLD ONES is $12. I do offer discounts for multiple books, too.

Let’s see, what else… Hmmm… I think that’s it for this week. Alright, Muchlanders, I will bid you a fond goodnight… Be kind, stay gold, and Peace, Love & Muchness to all!!! See ya next week!!!