Gaby’s Books & Muchness – Weekly Update – Volume 34_10212018

Hello again everyone!!! Welcome back to another edition of Weekly Update!!! Lots going on, so let’s get to it!!!

So last Sunday I released IVAN, a prequel to the Bloodline Series… It’s only $0.99 on Amazon, and is available in Kindle Unlimited as well, so please check it out.

I’ve been super busy the last two weeks, between working on stories I need to finish up and finishing up formatting on a couple of books. One of those books is a spectacular story anthology, WORDS TO DREAM BY… This book is an eclectic mix of story genres and styles by some of the top indie writers in the community. The book is available for pre-order right now for only $3.99, and it’s getting released this Friday, October 26th, so pick up your copy right now!!!

This Thursday, I’ll be Live Writing once again with the fabulous Leah Negron. We produced a great, creepy story this past Thursday, and I believe we’re writing horror in the next, so who know what we’ll come up with. Keep your eyes peeled for the links and event info!!!

Next month is NaNoWriMo, and I’ll be at it again… my best, Jade, and I have challenged each other… 65k words… I think it was 65k… Anyway, it’s a lot, so cheer us on!!! I hope to have FOUR stories done by the end of the month, each 12k-15k, plus wrapping up another story… Whew!!! It’s going to be intense!!!

Also, I’m still figuring out some of the particulars, but I’m going to be offering a few services for writers, including formatting and proofreading, graphics and covers, and blurb consultation/ polishing… Stay tuned!!!

Okay, words to right and things to do… Busy, busy!!! I’ll be back again next week for more weekly update… Until then, Peace, Love & Muchness to you all!!!



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