Gaby’s Books & Muchness – Weekly Update- Volume 40_12162018

Welcome back to Weekly Update!!!

So it’s been a busy week, though pretty much all of it was behind the scenes. I’ve been busily going through, line-by-line, editing NIGHT MOVES… A few chapters left to go, but I’m on schedule for releasing it by the end of the month. I’m not doing a pre-order this time around because it would put undue pressure on me to wrap it up and get it loaded, and I don’t want to do a sloppy job on it. On the other hand, I do not want to push it into next month if I don’t absolutely have to. So… no pre-order (I can hear my publicist saying tsk tsk tsk in the background…)

I did release the cover this past Thursday, and it’s been here and there since. I’ll be pushing it more this week, and please feel free to share it everywhere you can… Every little bit helps me no end.

I also finished sketching the outline for the next book this week. I have about a third of it already written, but I need to get down the gist of it and see where I’ll be going when I turn my attention to it after the holidays. I’m also looking at starting in on my short story serial that I was planning to do in November, but just wasn’t ready for. Now, after a bit of reorganization, I have a good idea of what I’m doing in the first six and I’m hoping I can start working on them after the holidays, too. These will be very cool… kind of historical fantasy, kind of steampunk, kind of mystery/ suspense… and (I think) very unique.

I’ve been thinking about future writing and my goals for the coming year, as well as some other ventures that I’m going to be exploring… I’ll be telling you more about those very soon… But for now I must get back to editing and get this book ready for you all. Have a great week to come and I’ll see you back here next week for another edition of Weekly Update… Peace, Love & Muchness to all!!!



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