Gaby’s Books & Muchness – Weekly Update – Volume 42_01122019

Greetings my friends!!! Hope you all had a spectacular Holiday Season!!! Lots going on so let’s dive right in!!!

New Year’s Eve I released the latest installment of the Kate Gardener Mysteries, NIGHT MOVES. It’s the sixth book in the series… it’s loaded with suspense and humor and everything you love about KGM books, so I hope you check it out…

In other KGM book news, all six books in the series are now available in Large Print paperback editions on Amazon.

Something else rather exciting happened as the New year dawned… I’ve now officially opened my own little store… GM Books Goods. Right now I’m offering pre-made covers; graphics, such as teasers, banners, Facebook and Twitter covers, etc.; as well as formatting for e-books and paperbacks, and proofreading. Custom covers will be coming soon, too! You can check out the page on Facebook:

Live Writes @ the Bistro is still going strong. We had our most recent write this past Wednesday, and during the coming year we’re going to be switching things up a bit. Genre Roulette will always be a part of every write, but we’re going to be throwing some other cool things in, such as theme nights and new styles of writing. You won’t want to miss it, so keep your eyes on my author page and on Weekly Update for the latest.

Looking forward to a new year of writing… I’m stepping up my business game this year, attacking marketing full throttle and hoping for some very positive movement on that end. I love writing… it’s a joy… but it’s also my job… I take it, and everything around it, seriously, and I’m going to be doing that more-so this year than ever before. On the creative side, I can give you a peek at what will be coming this year:

Kate Gardener Mysteries… 3, possibly 4, new mysteries by year’s end… The next two books will be furthering series storylines, wrapping up some and beginning others, so it’s a great time to catch up and get in on these sexy, sassy mysteries.

The Sleeping Detective… I’m finally going to get cracking on adapting this 50s noir story. I started this story as a screenplay and I have a lot outlined and noted down… I’m looking forward to the research and writing… Cover’s already down and it is COOL!!! The story is like LA Confidential meet The Thin Man, with a cool character twist that will lead to some drama and some humor. You’ll like it *winks*

Untitled series… Okay, it isn’t really untitled, I’m just not ready to announce it yet because the series title will be a big part of the series marketing, but I can tell you a little bit… It’s going to be (as of now) a 10 “book” series, with each being about 12k words in length… really more short stories that connect to each other… it’s going to be historical fantasy/ alternate history, with real-life people from the time frame and incidents involved interacting with original characters… throw in a big dose of mythology, period crimes, and landmark historical events spanning two decades… and you have a sneak peek. The plan is to release the stories, one a week, as e-books, then ultimately publish a paperback omnibus of all 10 stories together next fall. It’s going to be MEGA!!!

In addition, I have a couple of stories out there for anthologies, including a Kate Gardener Mystery bonus story that will be appearing in a Christmas cozy anthology and a historical werewolf romance in another anthology to be announced.

That about does it for Weekly Update this week… Tune in next week for more news and creative developments, and more!!! Until then, Peace, Love & Muchness to you all!!!

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