The Devil Inside the Details… See What I Did There? ;)

mock-00575We all do it… read through a book or series, then come back later to re-read and say, “OMG, I totally missed that before!” Even as I went back through the Bloodline Series books, I found little bits and moments that I’d forgotten or hadn’t noticed before… and I wrote the darn thing! So this week’s bloggeration will be dedicated to

The Top 5 Details Readers Miss in the Bloodline Series

  1. WHERE ARE WE? I always try my best to right the direction portion, i.e. the setting, where people are going, etc., as accurately as I possibly can. To do so, I rely heavily on guidebooks for the city. So theoretically, if you were in Manhattan and wanted to follow Sam and company Uptown, Downtown, all around the town… you could literally use the books and do it. Great example: Book two, QUICKSILVER, when Sam and Vincent are running around in Brooklyn… you could literally travel from the elevated subway platform to Havemeyer Street and beyond just running along with them.
  2. HELLO, DOLLY In addition to the trilogy, I also wrote a prequel story that details an early adventure of Sam’s grandfather, Ivan (this story is not included in the boxed set). A clue to that story is mentioned briefly in the first book, BLOODLINE: a set of matryoshka, or Russian nesting dolls. They belonged to Sam’s grandmother and… well, if you want to know more about the story, you’ll just have to read IVAN 😉
  3. ENDINGS AND BEGINNINGS In screenwriting, they recommend ending your story very much like it begins. You see that in a lot of the best films, whether it’s a location or a circumstance. In the Bloodline series, the story begins and ends at the southern tip of Manhattan.
  4. THE REAL REAL STUFF To me, the scariest, most suspenseful, best thrills are the ones based, at least in part, on reality. Science and history are scary as hell, and with the Bloodline series, I strove to stay connected to that and keep my stories rooted in that reality, that plausibility. Creating a retrovirus that causes lycanthropy, Operation Werwolf, and the abuse and proliferation of methamphetamine drugs by the Nazis are all examples of real stuff made fantastic in this series.
  5. WORD OF MOUTH The original title of the screenplay that started it all was THE DEVIL INSIDE, and that title makes a cameo of sorts during the course of book 1, BLOODLINE. Look for it… see if you can find it… and let me know in the comments below who said it and when.


Did YOU find any cool details when you read the series? Share them in the comments!

Peace, Love & Muchness to all!


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