De Profundis

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Kate Gardener Mysteries Book #2

As faithful parishioners gather for Vespers on All Saints Day, a beloved priest is bludgeoned to death in the church sacristy…

Though he is no stranger to controversy, the priest’s death sends shockwaves through the community. Allegations from the past come to light when a young seminarian, the victim of sexual abuse, is found hiding on the church property, his clothing covered with blood.

Forensic photographer Kate Gardener has her doubts about the young man’s guilt, and her hunches are seldom wrong. The twists and turns of this complicated and controversial case throw Kate into the path of the members of a notorious dining club…. and a very handsome young architect. Romantic entanglements must take a backseat to the case, however, as the investigation intensifies and the inquest into the death of Neville Crane looms.

Together with Detective Sergeant Richard Pierce, Jimi Khan, and the rest of the team, Kate must overcome her fears and face the ghosts of her past in the race to piece the clues together and catch a brutal murderer before he strikes again.


What People Are Saying About DE PROFUNDIS (Kate Gardener Mysteries #2)

“Keeps your interest and well written.” L. Conrad (3/3/2017, Amazon)


*NOTE: this review was written for a previous edition of the story; it has since been revised and the issues below addressed.


“I so enjoyed the first Kate Gardener mystery and was glad to see that another book in the series was available. Sadly, this work was nowhere near as enjoyable as the first.

“The mystery portion mainly took a backseat to the forced romantic tone. Kate seems to be on the cusp of developing a relationship with Rick Pierce and is also flirting with another gentleman. The descriptions of some of the resultant conversations with said potential partners, as well as with her friend, Jimi, are cringeworthy. They read as if written by a 15 year old girl trying her hand at fan fiction.

“Even more disappointing are the editing errors. Differing tenses are used throughout the book and spelling errors abound.

“It’s too bad because the first book held such promise.” DeeDee Brown (1/20/2017, Amazon)


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