Raven’s Mark


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Kate Gardener Mysteries Book #4

A grisly crime scene greets the caretaker as he arrives to feed the ravens at the Tower of London… A young woman, naked and brutalized, her nose pecked by the wily birds like an old nursery rhyme…

When a notorious playboy bursts into New Scotland Yard to claim responsibility for the vicious crime, he begs to be arrested. His confession, and a mysterious tattoo on the victim’s body, raise many questions, including who is really behind this crime…

As the media blitz surges on, and new victims are added to the mix, Kate’s unique skills put her on the trail of the mysterious Mary Stoner… A brilliant, manipulative, and deadly woman who has her sights firmly set on money, sex, revenge… and Chief Crown Prosecutor Clive Reynolds.

Mary Stoner has danced with Reynolds, and the Met, in the past… will this be their last tango? Or will Kate decipher the secret of the Raven’s Mark in time to stop her?


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