The Memory of Trees

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Kate Gardener Mysteries Book #1

On a crisp September morning, a jogger stumbles upon a horrific scene in a London park…

When forensic photographer Kate Gardener steps in for her injured supervisor, the brash American ex-pat finds herself at the scene of a truly brutal murder. The naked, castrated body of a young pharmacist has been found at the edge of Regent’s Park.

Gifted with acute sensitivity and a “photographic” memory, Kate is uniquely suited to capturing the details of crime scenes and seeing what others do not see. Something about this crime scene haunts her, though, and her frustration grows as the investigation proceeds.

After the victim is linked to the sensational decade-old murder of a young woman, and a second equally-brutal crime scene is discovered, Kate has to agree with New Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad detectives that there is a definite link between the cases. Then crime scene photos go missing — and a coworker’s strange behavior takes center stage — and Kate begins to fear that the murderer may be close to the case… and about to strike again.

Kate’s instincts for solving crimes have always been spot-on… but finding the truth this time may be more dangerous than she could ever have imagined.


What People Are Saying About THE MEMORY OF TREES (Kate Gardener Mysteries #1):

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I opened this book! I have to say it took a minute to get into, that for me is normal with introduction to places and people. Once I had all of those, it didn’t take long for me to want to see what was going on. There are twists and turns that I certainly did not anticipate happening and well, it wouldn’t have been a great read if it were different. The terminology seemed correct with the location and the occupations mentioned. The overall flow of this book was super and the way it was put together works! Thank you for this and congratulations on Book 2, I am excited to get to!” Kandy (5/20/2016, Amazon)


“The Memory of Trees is more than just a thriller. The London setting and feel is so real. Kate is awesome. The crimes are horrific. The ending a shocker. Recommended to all.” Mitsy (8/3/2017, Amazon)


“I purchased this book because of its reviews and also because of its affordability. I was pleasantly surprised at the well written mystery and look forward to other books in the series.” DeeDee Brown (1/20/2017, Amazon)


“Loved this book! The words flowed so smoothly it was almost like I was was there, seeing everything and hearing the accents in person. I loved the ending. Can’t wait to read the second one!” Tanyer (7/12/2016, Amazon)


“Well written, interesting plot, could’nt put put it down.” Elise (1/21/2017, Amazon)


“This was a good summer read.” It is well (7/15/2016, Amazon)


“I had to get to the end. I needed to know the answers, even if I had an inkling. The mystery and suspense in this book are fantastic. Kate is so unique. How she interacts with the other characters is charming in her own special way. The beginning was a little slow for me, and there were some instances of descriptions that seemed unnecessary, but I really have no other negatives to throw out there. Worth the read!” Hayley Brianna (2/3/2018, Amazon)


“If you like PBS Inspector Lewis then you should enjoy The Memory of Trees. It has a similarity of characters that you want to know more about and the pace of the storyline plays out as you try to solve the mystery before the characters do. The emphasis is on Kate Gardener, a forensic photographer, who in most storylines would be a minor character but the author chooses to use her as a main character instead which gives a fresh perspective within the British crime genre. It was engaging and a fast enjoyable read. Looking forward to more from Gabiella Messina!” AVilla (3/28/2017, Amazon)


“Love this author! Suspenseful and well written :)” L. Conrad (3/7/2018, Amazon)


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