The Bloodline Series

The Bloodline Series began its life as a screenplay entitled, “The Devil Inside”… Started back in 2003, the story was originally very different from the finished screenplay that emerged in 2005, and from the current novels… The original man character was male, the setting was Los Angeles, and the character that would become Vincent Kremer was simply called “Krem”, and may or may not have been a vampire…. Time, and some candid feedback, yielded many changes… Sam became Samantha, the story moved cross-country to New York City, and it became more complex, rooted in science, medicine and history… In some ways the story is more horrific than a mere creature feature script, with viruses and the very-real experimentation of the Nazis in WW2 become integral to the plot. Characters became more dimensional and accessible as real-life influences helped me craft them… Ivan Karolyi, Sam’s grandfather, is very much my own grandfather, and other real-life muses came to life through the characters of Vincent Kremer and Frank Ronne… Then came book three, WOLFBORN… picking up where book two left off and continuing the journey of these characters you have come to love as much as I do… And I’ve also added a short story, entitled IVAN, that serves as a prequel, giving us a look at the origins of the family during the aftermath of WW2… And who knows? Maybe someday the journey that began with a rough screenplay will make its way in a cinematic direction… Wouldn’t THAT be grand? ❤