3d render book on transparent“The time will come…when you will have to let out the devil inside yourself…”

Former NYPD detective Samantha Karolyi has enjoyed the peaceful sanctuary of her family’s cabin upstate… a peace that is shattered when she receives a dreaded phone call from the city: Her best friend, Ben Lewis, has vanished. Believing that the Pack, a highly-placed network of werewolves trying to control New York City, is responsible, Sam returns to the city to uncover the truth and fight a formidable foe alongside some unexpected allies.

In love and war, all is not as it seems …

For werewolf hunter Vincent Kremer, the approaching full moon looms ominously. The midsummer moon makes his urge to turn almost unbearable — will his love for Sam be enough to help him control the beast that lives within him?


What People Are Saying About WOLFBORN

“Maybe I should have seen the ending coming but I didn’t. I like to be surprised particularly in such a popular genre where similarities occur as a natural course of events. There are a lot of paranormal books out there and to be fair this happens in all fiction these days.

“This has been a very good series and very original in feel and story line from the beginning; not an easy feat. Werewolves are not new but certainly the plot can be fresh and a different slant can hold a reader captive. If this can be carried through to each book then the reading experience can only get better. Number three did not disappoint in any way except perhaps in that I was very disappointed to reach the end. I wasn’t ready to let go of the characters. The world-building was too real and the desire to know more too strong.

“The combination of fresh ideas and the humanity the author gives to these creatures has created a realism that is chillingly addictive, and this added to the steady pace, and the interesting peripheral characters has made for great reading.” BarbarinaS (5/9/18, Amazon)


“Ms Messina never disappoints her storytelling capability herald another brilliant addition to her series. She places her readers in every situation with her vocabulary of descriptive wordsmithing. My hope is there is more of Sam & Vincent to come. Excellent job Gabriella” Sherri Clark (6/20/18, Amazon)