THE COLD ONES: A Tale of Ancient Ireland


Where Old Gods meet New… a Legend is Born…

Ireland in the Dark Ages is a land of extremes… clan versus clan, light versus dark…

Patricius is a man of God, a Christian bent on bringing a new Light of Faith to the remote land where he was once a slave. It is a harsh and primitive land, though, and he soon finds himself confronted with suspicious minds, dangerous foes, and unbelievable creatures that challenge the very heart of his Faith.

To save our world, Christian and Druid, human and fae, must unite, and wage an epic battle to drive the darkest of evils from the Emerald Isle, and from the World.


What People Are Saying About THE COLD ONES:

“Do you remember how you felt when you first read a book by a great literary genius like Mary Shelley, Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte, or Harper Lee? Do you remember the passion, fear, heart ache, and joy while reading Frankenstein, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and To Kill A Mockingbird?

“Gabriella Messina will one day be listed among the great women authors of literature if she continues with her genius style of weaving words into a captivating, emotion inducing, fantastic story.

“In the Cold Ones you will find a rich, beautifully written tale of the ultimate battle of faith, good vs. evil, Kings and Queens, God vs. gods, with unique, bold characters that jump off the page and bloom to life in your mind. Unbreakable friendships forged in battle no matter their difference in faith. Descriptions that draw you in and make you feel as if you are in the story and can see the darkness of the night, feel the fear of encountering something you cannot fathom to be true, and take up sword and faith to battle the Ultimate Evil. All the things that make a story one you will be talking about long after you finish reading the last page is found in Messina’s The Cold Ones.

“The Cold Ones will surely be considered one of this centuries great classic reads.

“Five enthusiastic stars with the highest recommendation to read the Cold Ones.

“I look forward to seeing what this author has for us next.” Savannah Morgan (7/15/2018, Amazon)


“*****5 good vs evil dangerous mission stars*****

“I’m not much into historical type reads, but decided to take a chance on The Cold Ones. My first taste at the creative style of Gabriella Messina was beyond enjoyable. The blend of characters and settings were beautifully detailed, bringing the scene vividly to life. A truly unique and captivating story that will keep you hungry for more! Amazing highly recommended read!

“Kings and Queens, God vs gods, fae creatures, the undead, and the battle between good and evil are all intertwined and connected in this fascinating tale! Faith is tested as casualties fall. Will “all be well in the end?” Can the battle be won with the “greater power (of) love?” Missy Harton (7/14/2018, Amazon)


“This story is made of those great things that are sure to make it a classic. The clashing of world, the greatest of friendships. A book to read if you enjoy getting lost in faraway worlds.” Nichole (6/14/2018, Amazon)


“Absolutely brilliant! This is one of the best books I’ve ever read. Remarkably well written, addictive story, with fascinating characters. I highly recommend The Cold Ones.” Book Born (3/14/2018, Amazon)


“I love the way this book dances around real pieces of history. You can tell the author did her research. Realistic fantasy, if that’s a thing. The book is amazing. Loved it!” L. Conrad (5/8/2018, Amazon)








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