“In my country, there are many stories of men-made-beasts by the light of the full moon… What if I told you… that the stories… were made true?”

It is 1947… The many victims of World War 2, the walking wounded who carried on, wandered throughout Europe, searching for family, friends, a new home… and justice.

Surviving the diabolical hell of Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp was only the beginning for Ivan Karolyi. He is on a single-minded mission to find the Nazi physician whose experiments turned him into a werewolf. His quest takes him to a refugee camp in Cyprus… and he soon has a new goal.

For the Zaslavsky family, finding justice in the aftermath of the war has been difficult. Reclaiming their family legacy has become their focus, and the dark-eyed Romanian who agrees to help them seems like a Godsend. But Ivan Karolyi is far more than he seems, and the bond between him and Anna Zaslavsky could spell disaster for the mission.

A fateful night in Paris reveals true motivations… And Ivan is soon torn between the promise he has made and a love that could change his destiny. Every family legacy has its beginning…

The Greatest Revenge is the exciting prequel in the Manhattan Werewolves series. If you like suspenseful action, fated love, and intelligent humor, you’ll love this fast-paced, globe-trotting tale

Forget what you think you know… the curses, the silver, the magic… all myths and legends…
Here’s the truth:
Werewolves are real… and they’re here… lurking in the shadows, in the dark alleys of Manhattan, leaving a trail of blood and death in their wake…
The violence in the city is no shock to Samantha Karolyi; as a cop, she’s seen — and experienced — her share. Right now, her priority is healing from a death-defying fall… and caring for her irascible grandfather, Ivan. Strange events intrude on her rehabilitation, though… A drug addict is gutted and left in an alleyway… A young thief commits suicide by bus… Bodies disappear from the City Mortuary…
Something is terribly wrong in the Big Apple.
When Sam’s curiosity leads to an encounter with a nightmarish creature of legend, she becomes infected with the “flu from hell”. Struggling through the physical and mental changes as she transforms into a werewolf, she must team up with a mysterious werewolf hunter to uncover the truth about the Manhattan werewolves and her family’s horrific legacy.
But the blood moon is on the rise… and Sam’s time is running out.
If you like witty dialogue, fast-paced action, or just love a well-written, graphic, and gory werewolf transformation, you’ll love Bloodline.

Blood on the moon… That’s what her grandmother had called it… what her grandfather had feared most… the shadows crossing the face of the darkened orb, a harbinger of bad things on the way.

Sam Karolyi’s life changed forever when she was infected with the Lycanthropic Virus six months ago. She has faced her enemies and her fate as a werewolf…and lived. But now, a new threat looms…

A botched terror attack sets the city on edge, and Sam is again dodging bullets and sharp teeth as she tracks the spread of an insidious new drug throughout the city. Where the drug goes, the virus follows…and so does Vincent Kremer, a werewolf hunter who is bound to protect her.

Meanwhile, Sam’s body begins to enter a new phase, defined by hormones that cannot be denied. The call of the moon and the pull of the change cannot be denied, drawing her into a tense dance with the enigmatic Irishman…

But Vincent Kremer is not all that he seems…, and the hunter is about to become the hunted.

If you like the thrilling suspense, fast-paced action, and witty dialogue of Bloodline, you’ll love Quicksilver, the second book in the Manhattan Werewolves series. Political intrigue, fated love, and a ticking clock barreling toward an explosive finale

In Bloodline, Samantha Karolyi uncovered the truth… She felt the heat in Quicksilver… And now, it’s time to unleash the beast in the thrilling conclusion to the Manhattan Werewolves saga!

“I’m going to change again. It’s like this breath of air pushed from a subway tunnel, the screech of the wheels on the tracks… It’s coming… and the thing that scares me the most… is the part of me that wants it to.”

Former NYPD detective Samantha Karolyi has enjoyed the peaceful sanctuary of her family’s cabin upstate… a peace that is shattered when she receives a dreaded phone call from the city: Her best friend, Ben Lewis, has vanished.

Believing that the Pack, a highly placed network of werewolves trying to control New York City, is responsible, Sam returns to the city to find her friend and fight a formidable foe alongside some unexpected allies…

Vincent Kremer views the approaching full moon with dread. The urge to turn has become almost unbearable, and the knowledge of what that devil inside of him can do torments him. With old wounds reawakened, will the love he and Sam share be enough to help him control the beast that lurks within him?

In love and war, all is not as it seems … 

For Frank Ronne, the bonds of friendship he shares with Sam are weighted with so much more… The fellow cop finds himself torn between duty and loyalty… between protecting Sam and accepting his duty as a Raven… even if that means killing the man Sam loves.

Filled with plenty of humor and heart, action and suspense, culminating in a thrilling final confrontation in Central Park, you don’t want to miss Wolfborn!

Ireland in the Dark Ages is a land of extremes… clan versus clan, light versus dark…

Patricius is a man of God, a Christian bent on bringing a new Light of Faith to the remote land where he was once a slave. It is a harsh and primitive land, though, and he soon finds himself confronted with suspicious minds, dangerous foes, and unbelievable creatures that challenge the very heart of his Faith.

To save our world, Christian and Druid, human and fae, must unite, and wage an epic battle to drive the darkest of evils from the Emerald Isle, and from the World.

Where Old Gods meet New… a Legend is Born…

Smart… Sexy… Sassy…

If Sherlock Holmes and Veronica Mars had a kid, it would be Kate Gardener.

A force of nature with a “photographic” memory, Kate Gardener has an eye for solving crimes… and there is plenty of crime afoot in London. Feisty and fearless, the American forensic photographer gives the straight-laced detectives of New Scotland Yard a run for their money, both on the case and off.

Featuring a tour de force of spectacular London locations; plenty of thrilling action and snarky humor; clever crimes; and a brilliant cast of supporting characters, the Kate Gardener Mysteries will suck you in and won’t let go.


A vicious serial killer and a decade-old cold case confront American photographer Kate Gardener as she joins the forensic service in London, and she quickly finds that the murderer may be too close for comfort.


A priest murdered… a young man accused… Revenge is the presumed motive, but Kate Gardener soon discovers that all is not as it seems, and the real killer may be poised to kill again.


The violent killing of two police officers puts Met detectives in the spotlight, and Kate Gardener must race against time to find the truth before an innocent man is condemned.


The dissected body of a young woman triggers a media firestorm as her confessed killer winds up dead as well. Sex and murder, and a mysterious dark lady from the Crown Prosecutor’s past may be behind it all.


Kate Gardener must harness the power of the press as she tries to stem the tide of scandal when a tabloid reporter is murdered, and DS Pierce finds his career and reputation in peril when he is accused of planting evidence.


Two dead at a luxury hotel and Kate Gardener knows the crime scene isn’t right. Nothing is as it seems, and when DC Owens produces a mysterious code, he uncovers a web of crime stretching across Europe… with Mary Stoner right at the center of it.


Two murders, the crime scenes within sight of each other, and the detectives are sure there’s a link between them. Links are foremost on Kate Gardener’s mind as well as gets closer to the Canvendish Club’s dirty secret… Too close.


As Met detectives deal with a terrorist attack, the situation with the Cavendish Club’s shady past becomes deadly, and Kate must decide what she is prepared to do, and to sacrifice, in pursuit of justice for the dead and the living.



All Forensic Photographer Kate Gardener wants for her Holidays is peace, quiet, and anise cookies. Instead, the American expat’s trip to the local Italian bakery places her knee-deep in grand theft and murder two days before her first Christmas in London.