The Countdown Begins…

WDR teaser 1

So it’s a little over a week until WHERE DEATH REJOICES will be released… This book covers a lot of major themes and issues, from terrorism and the on-going issues amongst the cultures of the Balkans to sexual assault and the mental and physical scars that remain. One of the more subtle themes in this story that is threaded throughout, and can be traced through many of the previous books, is the theme of getting away with murder. Sometimes it’s literally murder; sometimes it’s simply individuals avoiding the penalties of the law on technicalities or because they become a casualty themselves along the way. As in real life, the cops don’t always catch the bad guys, and even if they do the legal system doesn’t always bring them to justice.

Beginning in DE PROFUNDIS (KGM #2), we meet a group of men who seem to have it all… wealth, power, good looks, charm… and, each in our own way, we find them attractive, desirable, special. As time goes on, though, we begin, with Kate, to uncover the truth beneath the façade… the violence, the decadence, and the coldness. It would be easy to blame the behavior of the “Cavendish Boys” on their background and their place in society, but the truth is you can find sociopathy in every walk of life. We all know them… some just hide it better than others.

This book (mostly) wraps up the long story arc involving the “Cavendish Club” men, and I think all of my readers will be shocked and thrilled by the developments. Secrets will be revealed… lines will be crossed… and yes, blood will be spilled.

Curious? Head right over to Amazon and pre-order WHERE DEATH REJOICES right now!

Peace, Love & Muchness!


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