Gaby’s Books & Muchness – Weekly Update – Volume 9_03112018

Greetings from the Land of Muchness! Welcome back to another edition of Weekly Update!

So, as most of you may know based on the week’s posts, I’ve been going back over the paperbacks for BLOODLINE and QUICKSILVER… There was good reason for this one, not just an artistic whim… See, both books, along with the soon-to-be published WOLFBORN, are going to go into wide distribution through Draft2Digital, and as such were beautifully formatted as e-books through that site. They looked great, even in the PDF version, but they were about 200 pages too short to fit the existing covers. I could have gone to the designers and had the covers readjusted, shrinking the spines to fit, but I said, hey, what if I can keep the great look of the D2D formatting, and just enlarge the font and increase the spacing to fit? So, I did… enlarged the font, increased the spacing, and completed the formatting to look like that interior. And it turned out very, very well, I must say. So, this week, the this pretty new version of BLOODLINE will make its appearance on multiple platforms, as will the paperback. The content of the story is unchanged, just the look. This week will be spent finishing up the same in QUICKSILVER and WOLFBORN.

Things are finally starting to settle down for me after months of writing and preparing for these books to make their respective debuts. Since November, I’ve been really focused on writing them both, plus starting this group, and I’m worn myself down a bit. So, I’ll be taking it easy over the next month or so, working on my next mystery and some short stories, and quite frankly doing as little as possible LOL I’ve rearranged my publishing schedule so that I’m not under any heavy deadlines, giving myself almost three months for each thing I’m writing, which is a huge amount of time for me. Have to recharge the batteries, right?

On to the week’s events… It’s going to be a busy one, starting tomorrow night with a Live Write at 10PM in Rose Ardent’s reader group Crazy 4 Rose… Tuesday is release day for The Cold Ones, and, while I don’t have any actual events planned, well, it’s a big day… Wednesday will be another Live Write, a rematch, as it were, featuring Savannah Morgan and I. We were scheduled to write together last Wednesday @ the Bistro, but bad weather shut us down. This week, we’re writing live at 7PM in the SLP Partners & Followers Group. It will be the first official event held there, and we hope you will come on down and enjoy the story we create… Thursday is official re-release day for BLOODLINE… Friday I’ll be guesting in a Rapid Fire hosted by JP Barry in her Angels & Demons Fan group. You have to be a member to enjoy the show. The fabulous Roux Cantrell will also be there, so don’t be late, the fun starts at 8PM EST… Finally, on Saturday, I’ll be bringing The Cold Ones to the Romance Readers Recommend group as a guest for their Western and Historical books takeover. I’ll be on at 5:30 PM EST for a 30-minute spot, so be sure to stop by and learn more about my new release.

Whew! Okay, all, having a splendid week to come… If you haven’t already, go get your $0.99-copy of The Cold Ones while the special, pre-order price is still on. Also, check here for the 100-member giveaway that’s running… Show me your favorite celebratory sticker or GIF and I’ll be picking two winners to receive their choice of a signed paperback of BLOODLINE or THE MEMORY OF TREES… The contest closes next Sunday, so get in while you can!

That’s all, folks! Wishing you a productive and positive week! Peace & Love & Muchness!!!



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