Gaby’s Books & Muchness – Weekly Update – Volume 11_03252018

Good evening everyone! It’s that time again… weekly update!

So, after a whirlwind month of events, we’ve only one this week… Thursday night at 10PM EST we’re hosting a RapidFire TO here in the Land of Books & Muchness… Our guests will be Heather Guimond and Lea Winkleman, and you won’t want to miss out on spending time with these fantastic ladies!

So, in work news I’ve been writing furiously on the next Kate Gardener Mystery. It’s the first one that has an original story… the outline for the story, well, two stories that are in this have been around for… wow, more than a decade… but I decided to combine them to make the story more complex. What works for an hour of television script does not always work for a novella of 30,000+ words. It’s going to be good, though… And the cover rocks! I can’t wait to show you… I may not wait long…. I’m seriously considering actually putting the covers out for the mysteries, to get feedback and generate interest and stuff. We’ll see…

Speaking of covers, I’ll be revealing the cover for WOLFBORN this week. Since the Live Write takeover in SLP was so successful, I think I’ll be having it there, so if you aren’t a member of the SLP Partners & Followers group so you’ll be privy to info about the event. I should have the pre-order for it ready by next Sunday, hopefully… I’ll keep you updated on that, too. I’m scheduling the release for April 24th.

Starting this week, I’m going to be doing some special posts Wednesdays in The Writers’ Bistro, and sharing them on my Author Page as well. One of the most important books in my “arsenal” is a book about character archetypes. This book, which I got for the first time more than a decade ago, has influenced my screenplays, teleplays, and books. It helped me create and flesh-out the characters in such an amazing way, and so I’m going to talk about these archetypes a little, and share some surprising insights with you all… Maybe you’ll see your favorite character in there, or figure out who a character really is… It’s amazing what you discover when you know the core of your character, and the other core characters they are connected to. Anyway, that will start Wednesday, so look for that, and let me hear what you think.

Okay, all, I’m off for the night. Take care of yourselves, and each other… do something for someone without thought of reciprocation this week… Share a post, leave a comment or encouraging word… Every little bit helps. Peace & Love & Muchness to you all! ❤



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