Gaby’s Books & Muchness – Weekly Update – Volume 36_11112018

Hello everyone!!! Welcome back to Weekly Update!!!

So last week I totally spaced writing an installment… In my defense, I’ve been immersed in NaNoWriMo goals while simultaneously working through severe neck pain, headaches, and recovering from a month of stress and anxiety completing some other projects. But here I am back again… feeling much better and having completed a third of my 60k-word goal already.

Part of this week I was fighting with the cover for the next book… I love it, but I was trying to make it more… and then I realized it doesn’t need to be more because it’s enough (Kind of an allegory for us all in some ways, huh?). There is a little bit of anxiety lurking in my mind, because it’s a cover that is nothing like anything I’ve put out before, but I think more dangerous covers get through unscathed… Its very noir, too, which is an element of my work that I’m trying to emphasize. Hopefully, when I wrap up the story I’ll get to show it to you here in the group… Darn it, I’ll need to write a blurb first… Okay, after that then Lol

So, the writing is coming along… #6 is nearly finished, and as always happens when I write I’m discovering new things along the way. I always intended for there to be threads that run through the Kate Gardener Mysteries… After all, the books are based on a television show, and the best dramas always have those recurring characters and plot arcs and such. I’m loving how it’s coming together, though… In this one, and #7, a lot of seeds are beginning to sprout. I’m so happy, too, that so many people are discovering Kate now and loving her, and the series, so much. I’ve worked on this world for nearly a decade, and to find it being appreciated and enjoyed and anticipated is, simply put, the best feeling in the world.

Other than the writing and the trying to feel better, I haven’t been up to much this past couple of weeks… I know, I’m boring *winks* One thing that has happened over the past month or so is that I’ve fallen off the wagon doing my weekly SLP Partners group spot on Thursdays. I’m brainstorming some ideas of what to do and I’m planning to back in the mix soon. I’m also going to get back into Shadow League as well, so you’ll have a couple of chances to hang with me every week. I’m also going to be improving activity in the group… I’m not the greatest at the games and such, but I’m thinking about what to do in here that can make it a cool place to hang and stay busy in, so stay tuned!

And with that I must be off to lay down a few more words for the day. Until next week, Peace, Love & Muchness to you all!!!


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