Gaby’s Books & Muchness – Weekly Update – Volume 37_11182018

Greetings Muchlanders!!! Weekly Update, back again!!!

So I’m frantically writing away on my NaNo projects… Okay, not frantically, but I’m getting them done and I’m (so far) ahead of schedule. My goal is set a bit higher than the standard… 60k words… and I’m past 37k now, so well one my way to completion. Lots, lots, lots coming up this week, though, so I’m going to be satisfied if I hit the 45k mark by the end of the week.

Stuff going on… of course, Thanksgiving is Thursday here in the U.S., and there’s a couple of days of school before vacation starts. Planning to get some cleaning done this week in edition to getting some blurbs written up. I’ve also just subscribed to Adobe’s Creative Cloud, which means I’ll be whipping up some new goodies this week just in time for the holiday season. Look for some momentous stuff to come over the next month or so.

Kate Gardener Mystery #6 is nearing completion… I haven’t set a date yet for the release, but it will be in December. If I had to venture, probably after Christmas. I’d like to get it out before, but I’d rather release early than late, and, well, it’s not done yet LOL. Hopefully I will be releasing the cover and have a pre-order for you all soon… as soon as I have a blurb… People who have stuff done 6 weeks in advance amaze me LOL

Okay, so I’m diving back into work now. If you haven’t already joined Gaby’s Books & Muchness, or liked my author page, don’t wait!!! Lots of new stuff coming, and you have to be there to be in the know!!! Until next week, Muchlanders… I have been, and always shall be, your Gaby *winks*… Peace, Love, & Muchness to all!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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