The Blog is Back in Town!

You totally sang that, didn’t you? LOL

Hello, Muchlanders! We are relaunching the blog as of… now! Crack the champagne bottle over the bow, ’cause this baby is sailing! And we are starting things off with some real excitement… an exclusive blog-debut right here of the brand-new cover for THE COLD ONES!


You see, THE COLD ONES has gone through a category change (took me two years to realize what it is… Christian Fantasy… you know, like LOTR or Narnia). So with a new category comes a new look… Let me know in the comments what you think and feel free to share it whenever you see it. Also, watch my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages this month for the debut of new teasers and lots of cool stuff.

Next week we’ll really dive into some juiciness… like what the heck I’ll be writing this year! Save the page and don’t miss it!

Peace, Love, & Muchness to all!


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