The Countdown to Publishing Day (and Other Flerpty Flooplin’ Flerp)

Yes, yes… I have been running silent and deep for several weeks, but trust me good people, I have a legit reason. I have been writing and this coming Tuesday, May 24th, book 2 of the Kate Gardener Mysteries will be live on Amazon. (SIGH) Finishing a book is a happy/ sad time… You’ve finished something that you’ve been working on for weeks, months even, and you’re ready to share it with the world and you just feel… ECSTATIC! But at the same time, something has ended… A part of your writing life, your characters’ lives, has been finalized… I don’t know, hard to explain… Anyway, it will be coming out next Tuesday, and I’ll be posting more info about that probably over the weekend.

As an author, of course, finishing one book means your are looking forward to the next one, or more, that need to be written. Which is exciting, to be sure.  I’ve had an outline for the next chapter of my contemporary werewolf fantasy written up for a while now, and the next KGM book will need to be outlined soon as well… And I have a couple of ideas for new stories that are developing in my brain at an alarming rate… I may be forced to starting writing stuff on these ones sooner than I anticipated. 😉

Anyway… what’s new with me… let’s see… Ah, well, you may have seen that I did my first Author Takeover earlier this month which was wildly successful. I had a super time meeting a bunch of authors and readers, making some great friends… It’s really amazing how you can jump into a group and find people with the same likes and dislikes, same sense of humor (ERMAHGERD!!!!)… It’s kind of like college, when you go to the rec center or the cafeteria one day and walk out with the best friends you’ll ever have in life. I have to say, I’ve had more fun in the past month, chatting about books and music and LIFE with so many new people than I’ve had in a while… Quite a while. I find I can’t wait to see what’s new every day.

I’ve managed to amass a rather large collection of new books over the past month that I’m either reading or need to read, and then review. I put that on the back-burner until the book was out ’cause I wanted to stay on schedule with getting the book out in May, and time and opportunity are so rarely on my side when it comes to writing. After Tuesday, though, I’m taking a block of time that, other than writing paid assignments, will be occupied with reading and reviewing the many books I have waiting for me. Lots of books by authors I’ve met through book groups, as well as friends of those friends, and I’m looking forward to perusing some great stories. So stay tuned in coming days/ weeks for lots of reviews popping up here, as well as on Amazon and Goodreads.

So… Yeah. Okay, I’m off to finish the blurb for the book… I hate writing these things, they are so difficult for me… I know part of it is my own fault ’cause I’m kind of a perfectionist when it comes to my writing and my brain wants it to be almost perfect when I first write it down. Unreasonable, I know, but it’s the way my brain works… Great when you’re looking at the editing stage and realize you essentially have to do nothing to make it ready for publication, but really shite when you’re trying to do quickie things like blurbs and synopsis and such.

This was a rambling post, wasn’t it? Oh well… just splinters in the windmills of my mind… A parting thought for the night…


Later, darlings!!!

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